More than a hundred photos of trees for a guaranteed change of scenery!

What could be more beautiful than a botanical garden by the sea, facing the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, to escape to the 5 continents, reconnect with Nature and take advantage of the bounty of trees to marvel at the richness and beauty of their magnificent bark!

This is the invigorating, nurturing and enriching journey that the city of Sainte Maxime is offering to launch its 2021 cultural program.

This large format exhibition presents in the open air around 30 120x180cm photo panels, accompanied by their explanatory texts. Looking up at the canopy of trees, you can also admire about 20 90x180cm photos perfectly integrated into the garden.

For the more curious or the more traveling, the exhibition continues indoors, at the municipal media library Jehanne Arnaud de Sainte Maxime.  

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